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Remote Controlled (RC) Cars

Tuesday, August 2nd

Radio Controlled Car Events have been part of many Parades. Some think of it as a “kids event," but aren't we “kids of all ages?” We will have classes for various ages, with course modifications as needed to present the correct amount of challenge.

Traxxas LogoEach car must be a replica of a full-sized “real” Porsche. All years and models are eligible, including unique Porsche powered race cars, such as Lotus-Porsche, March GTP, Porsche Indy cars, etc. Very special Porsches, such as tractors, “Cars” movie replicas are also welcome. Due to varied participation in this event, classes may need to be changed at the time of the event to provide best competition, and fairness to all competitors. PORSCHE BODIES ONLY.

(Depending on the availability of an appropriate site, Gas Powered cars may not be able to participate)

The format of this event will be designed to challenge those new to RC and also the experienced. A smaller portion of the adult course or a separate course will be used for the Kids classes. Change of class will be by request and must be approved by the event master. Overall fairness will be the main criteria.

For those who do not own RC cars but would like to participate, we currently plan to have loaner cars available.


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