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Tuesday, August 2nd

The 56th Porsche Parade TSD rally will be an enjoyable drive through the landscape outside of Savannah, giving you a chance to visit roads you would likely otherwise not find the time to travel.  The rallymaster’s are Parade experienced, and their goal is designing an event that every entrant will enjoy, regardless of how much rally experience you might have. 

The TSD rally start location will be adjacent to the Parade Headquarters.  The rally will take about 4 hours to complete, and will finish back at Parade Headquarters, allowing you time to enjoy the Ice Cream Social or attend another scheduled event that afternoon.

Registration details will be provided later, but remember any driver and any navigator can compete in any Porsche as long as all are registered Parade entrants.  We hope to encourage people who have not been on a Parade rally before to participate in this particular event – even those who have not been on ANY rallies before should have a great time. 

Instructions will be abundantly clear and the rules will be available ahead of time for you and your rally partner to become familiar with. As with the autocross and the concours, the more often you participate, the better your score is likely to be. Experience is a great teacher. One of the objectives is for you to want to do another TSD Rally at another Parade or back home in your region.

A great way to prepare for the Parade TSD rally is to attend the rally schools we will have the day before the event. Past Parade rally winners will host advanced and beginner classes.  Both sessions will be in the same room, one after the other, so we plan to attend both.

If you (or your co-entrant) don’t want to compete in the TSD rally, please volunteer to work a checkpoint.

The 2011 PCRs will be available on the PCA website (under Regions, Forms and Documents) and the 2011 Parade website in the near future.

TSD Rally General Instructions will be posted on this site at a later date. Specific questions regarding the Rally General Instructions can be submitted per the procedure outlined in the TSD General Instructions, which will be posted at a later date.

Rallly General Instructions are now available for download on the forms page.




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