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Function Name Email Address
Parade Chair Tom Brown paradechair@pcaparade.org
Local Parade Coordinator John Myer coordinator@pcaparade.org
5 K Peggy Stone 5k@pcaparade.org
Art Show  Burt Misevic artshow@pcaparade.org
Autocross Henry Hoeh autocross@pcaparade.org
Awards Tuffy von Briesen awards@pcaparade.org
Banquets Linda Prusynski banquets@pcaparade.org
Banquet Decorations Marilyn Jones decorations@pcaparade.org
Car Wash  Kathie Hunter carwash@pcaparade.org
Concierge/Parade 101  Suesan Way concierge@pcaparade.org
Concours John Takehara concours@pcaparade.org
Concours - Chief Scorer Ron Gordon concoursscoring@pcaparade.org
Concours - Head Judge Paul Gilbreath headjudge@pcaparade.org
Concours Prep Skip Carter concoursprep@pcaparade.org
Corral Jack Stephensen corral@pcaparade.org
Driving Tours  Bob Kuchenbecker
Gary Bocard
Emcee Mark Shevitz emcee@pcaparade.org
Equipment Amber Door equipment@pcaparade.org
  Steve Breen equipment@pcaparade.org
Facilities Francie Kish facilities@pcaparade.org
Finance Rob Biddle finance@pcaparade.org
Gimmick Rally  Ellen Beck gimmickrally@pcaparade.org
Golf Kerry Biddle golf@pcaparade.org
Goodie Store Doug Monaco goodiestore@pcaparade.org
Historic Display  John Meek
Dennis Leadbetter
Hospitality  Sandy Provasi hospitality@pcaparade.org
Internet Café Teri Davis internet@pcaparade.org
Kids Activities  Judi Wilkinson kids@pcaparade.org
Local area attractions

Ned Kight
John Hobbs
Cecile Dorr

Michelin Drive & Compare  Jo Irwin tiretest@pcaparade.org
  Liz Shaw tiretest@pcaparade.org
Parade of Porsches Carlton Joyce pop@pcaparade.org
Parking Andy Jackson parking@pcaparade.org
PCRs Mike Lommatzsch pcrs@pcaparade.org
Photography  John Novotnak photo@pcaparade.org
Presentations James Shoffit presentations@pcaparade.org
Protest Bob White protest@pcaparade.org
Publicity Cole Scrogham publicity@pcaparade.org
Rally Tom Gould rally@pcaparade.org
RC Car Race  Andy Kish rccars@pcaparade.org
  Phil Kish rccars@pcaparade.org
Registrar Susan Brown registrar@pcaparade.org
Safety Arlene Novack safety@pcaparade.org
Safety Inspection  Jim Izant inspection@pcaparade.org
Security  John Myer security@pcaparade.org
Signage  Jim Cambron signs@pcaparade.org
Sponsorship Vu Nguyen sponsorship@pcaparade.org
Tech Quiz Sean Reardon quiz@pcaparade.org
Tech Academy Pete Tremper techacademy@pcaparade.org
Transportation David Grandt transportation@pcaparade.org
Trophies  Carole Kjellsen
Dick Kjellsen
Gary Milavetz
Volunteers Chuck & Judy Hervey volunteers@pcaparade.org
Water/Ice  Cathy Robson water@pcaparade.org
  Sandie Jackson water@pcaparade.org
Webmaster Wendy Shoffit webmaster@pcaparade.org
Welcome Tent  Liz Reid welcometent@pcaparade.org



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