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August 3rd & 4th

The autocross event for 2011 will continue with the two day schedule on the Parade calendar. This will allow us to accept all Parade entrants wishing to participate in the autocross event. Please be sure to register for the autox and make sure to check in before the event so we know you’re ready and willing to compete in the autox. A major goal for the event is have an autox course design that will provide a driving challenge for our PCA hot-shoes while being easy to follow for our casual competitors. We also plan to have an autox seminar before the event for those looking to get a few pointers on autox. Currently, the event is planned to take place at the paddock of the track on Hutchinson Island, which is quick two minute drive from the convention center. We will do our best to ensure that most if not all cars will be in 2nd gear or higher during their autox runs.

So please plan to join us on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug 3 & 4, for a fun, safe competition of driving skill. The run schedule for the autox will be posted at a later date, but in general all Showroom Stock cars and some Production category cars will run on Wednesday with the balance of the Production category along with all Improved and Modified cars running on Thursday. The two day format will also allow entrants to run in the event on one day and work the event on the opposite day. That way, you can better focus on putting in a great performance on the day you run, while still helping out at the event on your off day. All Porsches entered in the autocross must pass the parade Safety Inspection. Check the parade schedule for time and place of Safety Inspection. For those not choosing to participate in the autocross event, you are encouraged to come observe it.

Autocross Supplemental Instructions are now available for download on the forms page.


Day 1, Wed, Aug 3-- classes S01 - S12, P01- P02
Day 2, Thu, Aug 4-- classes  P03 - P16, I01-I05, M01-M05




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