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Saturday, August 6th

How well do you know your engine?

Join us for the 2011 Porsche Parade 5k Run/Walk where the use of estimated timing will put a whole new spin on the traditional road race. The 5K Run/Walk starts and ends at the Savannah Convention Center.  This event tours Hutchinson Island and even incorporates the nearby race track and sights of the resort's golf course.  Guess your finish time at the start and the contestant who comes closest to their actual time without going over is the race winner. The use of watches and other timing devises is strictly off limits by race participants. 

The scenery is gorgeous!   Here is your chance to show off how fit you are, or to work off all those famous Savannah pralines you are going to eat!     No matter your pace, be it fast or slow,  if you really know your engine, you could be the winner!



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